Top 5 mobile friendly template for web design

Mobile friendly or mobile responsive websites are those websites whose layout, and content is automatically attuned according to users’ mobile devices. In short, mobile responsive websites are those websites that people can use both on computer and as well as their mobiles without any inconvenience.

Furthermore, as mobile phones are easier to carry most of the internet searches are done through mobile phones. In the first quarter of 2021, around 54.8% of web traffic was originated from mobile devices. Hence, it is why we will discuss the top 5 mobile friendly templates for web design.

Top 5 mobile friendly templates for web design

Below-specified are the top 5 mobile friendly web designs.


Divi is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly mobile responsive web design templates. Divi is a super adaptable template which can run on any mobile devices, whether new, or old, without any inconvenience.

Furthermore, what makes Divi special is its responsive editing mode. Through responsive editing mode you can preview pages as they would appear in other devices and edit them directly in that device size view.

Plus, Divi has 800 built-in sensational themes, and layouts that saves you time and makes your website standout. Divi is a versatile template that can go with numerous platforms. You can also contact expert web design in Horsham, and web design Crawley and SEO Horsham experts, to get numerous mobile optimized themes.


TheGem is another mobile-friendly template for web design that you can use in 2021. TheGem is a WordPress theme, and provides ultra-high performance. The template does not lag, and has more than 400 built-in designs. All of which are mesmerizing, ensures higher engagement rate.

In addition to this, TheGem is relatively a dark theme, which makes it perfect for websites such as portfolio, business, finance, and more. It is a quick to deploy mobile friendly template that is used by many developers and designers from all round the world.


Uptime is another popular and stylish mobile responsive website template. The template is elegant, minimalist, and exceedingly professional. It is why the template is used for many business websites. This may include SaaS application, cryptocurrency, and more.

Other than that, with Uptime, you as a developer do not need to code every time you wish to make changes in your webpages as it consists of an integrated Elementor page builder. The built-in page builder has a drag and drop interface which allow you to edit pages within minutes.


Porto is another mobile-friendly theme you can integrate in your website design. This user-friendly theme has around 90 incorporated themes that provide your website the class it deserves. The most fascinating part of Porto is that all the themes can be customized according to your own objectives.

Built-in documentation, advanced tools, drag and drop interface is what makes Porto a brand generic mobile-friendly template. To get your theme customized according to your needs, you can contact web design in Horsham, web design Crawley and SEO Horsham.


Stack is mobile-friendly template built to help novice designers. The template is easy to use, and requires no sufficient technical knowledge. In-built tools are remarkably professional which aids pro developers as well. Other than that, Stack has more than 140 preset themes, each having a hypnotic layout.

Stack has 240 modular interface blocks, powered by Bootstrap Framework and an integrated page builder, it is one of the most versatile mobile-friendly themes of all time.


The above-specified are the top 5 mobile-friendly templates for web design. You can contact expert web design in Horsham, and web design Crawley and SEO Horsham experts, to get help with your web design.